All Things Whisper

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1. Slippershell (Kristin Hersh, mix iN2Ni) , 13.2M
2. The Tiger (poème de William Blake, dit par Kristin Hughes, mix iN2Ni) , 4.8M
3. Around Dusk (Kristin Hersh, mix iN2Ni), 26.9M
4. Shu'ayya II (iN2Ni) , 3.1M
5. Torque (Kristin Hersh, mix iN2Ni) , 8.7M
6. L'enfance de l'huître
7. All Things Whisper (story of the world) - (Ruggea, mix iN2Ni), 7.0M
8. Where Earth Meets Sea (a love story) - (Ruggea, mix iN2Ni) , 7.0M
9. Whisper - (Ruggea, mix iN2Ni), 16.1M
10. Shu'ayya I (iN2Ni), 6.1M
11. Freedom (Snowflake - iN2Ni)

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